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Make sure all fields have information entered before hitting SUBMIT. After you hit Submit,then you see brown background, scroll to top of page and on left you see Thank-you for contacting us! You know your form was submitted.

N.Y.C. Funeral & Cremation Service Inc.


Enter information in all boxes, all boxes are Required Fields. Hit the SUBMIT button after all information is  entered. All fields must have information entered. If a field is left blank, the form will not be submitted. If you do not know an answer, put UNKNOWN.  For spouse: only enter name if the spouse is alive, then the spouse is next of kin and must also be listed as next of kin.

After you hit the Submit button, the screen shows brown background, scroll to top of page and it will say Thank you for contacting us! (on left of screen)-your form was sent successfully.

Additional charge will be required if any changes are made after this sheet is submitted to us, or due to incorrect information.