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Cremation Permit.  Print form, Fill in, sign  in front of notary, Return by email or Fax.

Form must be NOTARIZED.

DO NOT USE THIS FORM-  Only use this form if we tell you to fill it out. NY state cremation Authorization-Print form, page 1 bottom initial. Page 2-fill in top relationship to deceased, initial 3 places near middle of page,page 3- intial, print,name, address and email, return by email or Fax 800-376-7401

Serving Manhattan

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Rosehill Cremation Authorization .

Print form, only sign it, and return by email or

FAX 800-376-7401



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Click on Blue Button to open the Greenwood Cremation Authorization.  Print form, initial on upper right, sign it, return by email or FAX 800-376-7401